• BACK TO 2069

    [2019]BACK TO 2069[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/法语/Élise Florenty/Directors/

    Exhausted by the crisis, a young Athenian tries a new start on Lemnos, an eroded island, arid and militarized, lost in the middle of the Aegean Sea. There he finds himsel...

    2022-09-28 10
  • 仲巴 昂仁

    [2002]仲巴 昂仁[豆瓣0分]



    2022-09-28 10
  • 长白山




    2022-09-28 10
  • Dedalo


    /纪录片/意大利语/Chiara Capo/

    2022-09-28 10
  • D'or et d'argent

    [2020]D'or et d'argent[豆瓣0分]

    On Gold and Silver/纪录片/短片/阿拉伯语/Asma Benazouz/

    Dahbia is attempting to give her youngest son Naoufel a better life. Her daugher Chahra has the same hopes for her young daughter, Douaa. Asma Benazouz paints a compassio...

    2022-09-28 10
  • Rookie Moonshot: Budget Mission to the Moon

    [2019]Rookie Moonshot: Budget Mission to[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语//Marco Snow

    This film follows the journey of the Israeli SpaceIL spacecraft, Beresheet, as it attempts to become the first privately-funded vehicle to make a lunar landing. Interview...

    2022-09-27 10
  • Ablaze


    /纪录片//Joshua Frizzell/

    2022-09-28 10
  • Ore Remembrance

    [2021]Ore Remembrance[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片//Dimitris Kalfakis/

    2022-09-28 10
  • 愚园路



      【《愚园路》: 复活百年时空记忆】每一条道路都藏着自己的秘密,这个秘...

    2022-09-27 10
  • Young Lakota

    [2013]Young Lakota[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语 / Lakota/Marion Lipschutz/Rose Rosenblatt/Heather Rae/

    When South Dakota abortion politics bring political turmoil to the doorstep on the Pine Ridge Reservation, three young idealists and the tribe's first female president ha...

    2022-09-28 10
  • Stoke the Fire

    [2021]Stoke the Fire[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Todd Jones/Sammy Carlson/Sage Cattabriga-Alosa/Johnny Collinson

    Stoke the Fire takes viewers through the ups and downs of what it takes to be a professional skier in an ever changing environment, and trying to hit locations when the w...

    2022-09-28 10
  • 视觉暂留


    /纪录片/同性/传记/英语/Rodney Evans/John Dugdale

    这是一部辛酸而亲密的纪录片,记录了盲人摄影师约翰·达格代尔(John Dugdale)的经历,以及他因艾滋病相关疾病失明后创作过程中的变化。

    2022-09-28 10
  • Afinadores


    Tuners/纪录片/短片/葡萄牙语/Sergio Roizenblit/

    2022-09-28 10
  • Glow Worm in a Jungle

    [2018]Glow Worm in a Jungle[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/短片//Ramana DUMPALA/

    If you go to Pune, you will find a house surrounded by trees and birds and lots of books. In it resides, Hema Sane, a retired botany professor and an established author. ...

    2022-09-28 10
  • 翰墨春秋


    Find China in Yangzhou/纪录片/汉语普通话/陆芦苇/马恒福/顾风


    2022-09-28 10
  • 游园


    Garden Fantasy/纪录片/短片/汉语普通话/李有杰/李有杰

      Li Youjie takes a black pig from h...

    2022-09-27 10
  • 老娘


    OLD OR YOUNG/纪录片/汉语普通话/陈硝/陈兴元


    2022-09-28 10
  • نحيي الأرض: في صيدا حديقة أهلية

    [2022]نحيي الأرض: في صيدا[豆瓣0分]

    Nohye Al Ard: The Birth of a Community Garden in Saida/纪录片/短片/阿拉伯语/Hiba Adnan Yassin/Rana Mohamad Mousa/

    2022-09-27 10
  • Fortuna granda

    [2022]Fortuna granda[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/意大利语/Alberto Gottardo/

    2022-09-28 10
  • 灰


    /纪录片/法语/Idrissa Guiro/Mélanie Pavy/Hiromi Asai

    2022-09-28 10
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